Describe the transformations that will map triangle A to triangle B and illustrate the similarity between the two triangles. A) rotate 90° clockwise and then translate 6 units down B) translate 4 units down and rotate 180° about the origin C) reflect the triangle across the y-axis and translate 4 units down D) reflect triangle A across the x-axis and then translate 1 unit right

Accepted Solution

B) Translate 4 units down and rotate 180°Rule for 180° = (x, y) ---- (-x, -y)Pick one point on Triangle A. (I picked the pointiest point)(-5, 6)Now translate 4 units down.You will now be on (-5, 2)Rotate 180° You will now have (5, -2)And the pointiest point on Triangle B is (5, -2)So, B is the correct answer.