Help Please!Solve for d.5+d>5−dSolve for p.2p+3>2(p−3)

Accepted Solution

Solve for d.
5+d>5−d                    Subtract 5 from both sides of this inequality:
d>d                             There is no value for d that satisfies this inequality.
                                    No value can be greater than itself.

Solve for p.
2p+3>2(p−3)          Multiply this out:    2p+3>2p-6
                               Subtr 3 from both sides:  2p> 2p-9

           This is equivalent to 2p+9>2p.
            We could subtr. 2p from both sides:  0>-9.

            0> -9 is always true.  Thus, the given inequality has infinitely many solutions.