If a polygon has 36 angles, what is it called? 35-gon hexhexagon 36-gon quadnonagon

Accepted Solution

Answer: 36-gon (also called triacontakaihexagon) Let's start by explaining that a polygon is a closed geometrical figure composed from three or more lines. These lines (sequence of straight segments) are the sides of the polygon, and the points where they intersect are called vertices that form their angles.It should be noted that its name comes from the Greek word polygōnon (many angles), since the angles (although the sides are used, as well) are those that will define the name the polygon will have.In this sense, for a polygon that has 36 angles, its name is 36-gon, and formally named as triacontakaihexagon or triacontahexagon (sometimes the Greek word kai that serves as connector, is omitted).