It is a Saturday morning and Jeremy has discovered he has a leak coming from the water heater in his attic. Since plumbers charge extra to come out on weekends, Jeremy is planning to use buckets to catch the dripping water. He places a bucket under the drip and steps outside to walk the dog. In half an hour the bucket is 1/5 of the way full.a. What is the rate at which the water is leaking?b. Write an equation that represents the relationship between the number of buckets filled, y, in x hours.c. After how long will the bucket overflow?

Accepted Solution

The answer is
A "For every half an hour there is 1/5 of the bucket is filled"    Hope I helped                                                                                 
B: Not sure not very good at equations :(                                                      
C: Well there is Half an hour so if you multiply that by 5 then its. 2 1/2 hours :)
Hope I helped