When a large or small number is written in standard scientific notation, the number is expressed as the product of a number between 1 and 10, multiplied by the appropriate power of 10. For each of the following numbers, indicate what number be- tween 1 and 10 would be appropriate when expressing the numbers in standard scientific notation. a. 9651 c. 93,241 b. 0.003521 d. 0.000001002

Accepted Solution

Answer and explanation:We have given the numbers which we have to convert in standard scientific notation and write the power of 10.Standard scientific notation is a way of writing number in a multiple of 10.a) Number - 9651Multiply and divide number by 1000,[tex]9651\times \frac{1000}{1000}=9.651\times 10^3[/tex]Power of 10 is 3.b) Number - 93241 Multiply and divide number by 10000,[tex]93241\times \frac{10000}{10000}=9.3241\times 10^4[/tex]Power of 10 is 4.c) Number - 0.003521Remove decimal and write in terms of multiple of 10 power,[tex]0.003521=\frac{3521}{1000000}=3.521\times 10^{-3}[/tex]Power of 10 is -3.d) Number - 0.000001002Remove decimal and write in terms of multiple of 10 power,[tex]0.000001002=\frac{1002}{1000000000}=1.002\times 10^{-6}[/tex]Power of 10 is -6.